Accessibility, Design Systems, and You!

Crafting a high quality website at scale is incredibly difficult if you don't set up a shared design system to reuse CSS and components. This talk will showcase how to set up both designers and developers with a "pit of success" for making sure page experiences are accessible and consistent.

That will include both technical strategies -aXe and ESLint validations, type-safe CSS values with TypeScript, Storybook- and procedural -desk checks, user feedback, knowledge sharing-. Each of these strategies will help your organization reduce deuplicate code efforts and increase end-user product quality.

About Josh

Brooklyn (NYC)

Josh is a staff engineer on the Web Platform team at at Codecademy, where he focuses on shared static analysis, building, testing, and accessibility tooling. Outside of work he contributes to TypeScript and other open source projects in its ecosystem, and is writing a Learning TypeScript book for O'Reilly. He's passionate open source and bringing accessible education to the masses in a sustainable way.

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