Building Socially-Inclusive Design Systems


Design systems have become the de facto approach for teams of all sizes to design anything and everything. As prototyping and development tools evolve to accommodate these systems, the barrier to entry is becoming lower and adaptation is becoming simpler. The love for design systems makes sense: they provide a scalable, flexible infrastructure that allows a team to create consistent work far into the future. But the atomic approach to design systems comes with a risk: Every atom or component holds immense power in fate of the entire system's influence. Has the singular component been made for all? Dissecting its social impact through its technical traits, we'll look at how to build a design system conscientiously, resisting systematic problems at the atomic level in order to create more accessible and inclusive systems.

About Tatiana

Portland, U.S

Tatiana Mac is an independent American designer. Tatiana is passionate about building products and design systems with accessibility and inclusion in mind throughout the entire process. She believes that design heavily influences our social landscape. When ethically-minded, she thinks designers can dismantle exclusionary systems in favor of community-focused, inclusive ones. She edits for A List Apart, moonlights as a wardrobe stylist, and boxes. She's seen 33 countries.

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