Mind over Matter: Optimize Performance Without Code


Did you already optimize every. single. line. of. code. to be found on your website or mobile app? Are you getting tired of hearing about load times and TTFB(Time to first byte)? Do you need to remind the CEO you don’t have Pinterest’s or Instagram’s budget? Breathe, it’s OK we've all been there. Come and check out ways to use design techniques to influence the user’s perception of time. No magic tricks, instead I'll give you examples from real projects I worked on. In the end, it doesn't matter how fast your site loads, it's all about how fast your users perceive it to be.

About Stéphanie


With a decade of experience as UX Designer, Stéphanie focuses on building a great user experience for anything from mobile apps to complex dashboard up to responsive websites! She is a Google Dev expert in Product Design and likes to share her passion for her work. She teaches and talks about UX design patterns, mobile UX design and a few other things like PWAs. Her claim to fame: she once helped redesign monitoring panels for tower cranes. Don't hesitate to reach out to her for questions and advice.

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