The first CSSCamp: one-day, one-track conference for Web designers and developers. 17th July 2019, Barcelona.

We are pleased to announce our very first edition of CSSCamp 2019, a one-day, one-track conference for developers and web designers, held on July 17th right before JSCamp at the same venue, the comfortable Axa Auditorium in Barcelona. You can expect a promising and diverse speaker line-up from every corner of our community. We aim to build a bridge in the frontend community. Super Early Bird tickets are already open. Tickets are flying fast and we will sell out before expected. Be sure to secure your spot at the best price.

Designers and developers seek a common goal: build a better web and mobile experience for users and customers. But working together is easier said than done: keeping up with the latest technologies within the field, understanding each other’s priorities and finding solutions that serve all across communities is challenging.

In the last decade, the modern web has expanded to many fields, that have become central to all kinds of development: web and mobile app development, JavaScript, frontend, backend, web design, browser performance, security, but also accessibility, UX design, UI development, content and digital strategies.

In order to be able to design, write for, optimize, build, maintain and work with websites, web applications, mobile devices and the continuously evolving infrastructure, we all need to keep up with it’s quickly evolving new technologies that are driving the web and mobile world fast forward.

If you are working on the modern web and want to make meaningful connections, expand your network, hands-on learning, grow your career, exchange and bring fresh ideas, demonstrated best practices and innovative visions back to your business, then CSSCamp is the perfect opportunity.

Join over 300 professionals to learn to solve real-world problems faced by developers, designers and businesses, and a wide range of other people who work on the modern web to understand the current and future needs across our communities. Let talented programmers, designers, and senior developers of all stacks, who are doing amazing things for the modern web, explain to you how to build a better, faster, more secure and accessible web and deliver the best user experience.

The conference is organized by a passionate team who wants to provide the best conference experience in Barcelona. Our excellent set of workshops will be organized separately this year. (Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed!) We aim to build an inclusive and welcoming conference space being a bridge across communities.

Call for papers

The Call for Papers closed on March 24th, 2019, midnight CET. We spend a lot of time choosing not only the best speakers on their skills but also strive to bring together a diverse group. If you already bought your ticket or you are planning to attend anyway, we will reimburse it if your talk application is selected.

Our handcrafted program features meaningful talks delivered by some of today’s notables, successful and innovative talents from the industry.


Barcelona is attracting the attention of many startups (both entrepreneurs and big corporations) and becoming the jewel of the Mediterranean as a robust and diverse start-up ecosystem thanks to a reliable infrastructure and top-notch talent.

We are proud to receive the Institutional support of the Catalan Government: Generalitat de Catalunya and SMARTCatalonia.

Call for sponsors

At CSSCamp, we strongly believe companies, that hire people with a varying background, experiences and cultures become stronger and more competitive. Therefore, we make an effort through our diversity program to help developers from marginalized groups and make our event a welcoming event with equal representation.

We are always looking for companies, organizations, sponsors, and supporters, engaged in our community, that want to help us make an impact. There is still so much to do and we need your help.

If you are interested to be part of CSSCamp as a sponsor: let’s talk! Contact us via e-mail at

Code of Conduct

Thanks to our Code of Conduct, we are able to create a great atmosphere and attention to detail in order to guarantee a great learning experience for all of our attendees in a welcoming, inclusive and safe tech conference. Any harmful or discriminating behaviour will not be tolerated.

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